How We Help You Succeed

We provide overnight engineering and rapid prototyping on a consulting and as needed basis ranging from small rush jobs to long term projects.

If you need engineering work done fast to solve your problem, or if you need someone to develop your product, you’ve come to the right place.  

Our Services

New product design or reverse engineering of existing parts/assemblies:

  • Detail and assembly drawings, including the modification of existing drawings
  • 3D CAD models from sketches, drawings or discussions
  • CAD work performed in SolidWorks

Analysis of parts, assemblies and systems:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Thermal Analysis

Automation and mechanism design:

  • Multi-axis machines and robot integration requiring complex motions and operations
  • Electric, hydraulic and pneumatically powered devices and mechanisms

Sheet metal design:

  • Sheet metal parts of all kinds, for all sorts of applications (punched, bent, stamped), for all kinds of purposes (conductors, tensile straps, hinges)
  • EMI/RF shielded enclosures and packaging for electronics (PCBs and electrical components) and mechanical assemblies

Structures & Weldments:

  • Structural analysis of machine frames and complex structures
  • Sourcing of steel, benders/rollers, welders & finishers

Vacuum chambers and systems:

  • Vacuum chambers and handling of toxic gases
  • Low Pressure (600-740 Torr) to ultra-high vac (10-12 Torr)
  • Full system design & analysis, including all component selection.

We provide engineering services in support of manufacturing operations, new product launches and troubleshooting of existing equipment.

Our Skill Set

Rapid Prototyping

3-D Printing

Finite Element Analysis

Thermal Analysis


Vacuum & Fluids

Structures & Weldments

Machine Design

Facilities Design

Fabrication & Assembly Drawings