AutoCut Software

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AutoCut Software

AutoCut software provided by Dream 3D is the solution for automatically placing a cutline on a dental arch, both virtually and physically.

In order to cut a part automatically, you first need to have placed a cutline on a virtual 3D version of that specific dental arch.  Once this 3D curvilinear line has been placed on the virtual 3D dental arch, that line will now be used as a toolpath for a milling cutter to cut the edge of your dental appliance, in this case a Clear Aligner.   

The first machine that we are setup to do this with is a DGShape DWX-52D dental mill.  Dream 3D developed the software for performing both placements.  Please click here to see a video of a part being cut on a  DGShape DWX-52D dental mill.


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