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iMir XM Sattelite radio for MotorcyclesMotorcycle riders, now you can have music, sports, and news on the road via satellite.

iMir is an XM Satellite radio inside the left-hand mirror of your motorcycle! Your XM Satellite radio station of choice is wirelessly beamed into speakers placed within the padding of your helmet.

Changing the XM Sattelite ChannelThere is no need to let go of your handle bars to change stations, volume, or the display settings of your radio. Simply lift a finger to press the buttons underneath the mirror. With the wireless headset there are no dangerous and uncomfortable cables between you and your bike! If you ride at night, choose from 7 display colors to set your iMir aglow on the road!

iMir with wireless headsetiMir includes right and left-hand mirrors in clear, black or chrome finishes, helmet speakers, the “Black Box”, and a receiver that attaches to the outside of your helmet or fits conveniently in your shirt pocket.  iMir is quick and easy to install.

Key Benefits

What's IncludedItems included with purchase of the iMir

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