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Talki, the wireless intercom for motorcyclesNow you can speak clearly with your passenger!  Unlike products currently available, the Talki provides an open microphone.  It's like talking on the telephone!  There are no delays, no clipped sentences, and no more wondering what your passenger is trying to point out to you!  And, because the Talki uses an encrypted data stream, the sound quality is outstanding and there is NO cross-talk!

The Talki is light weight and small.  It is easily attached to your helmet.  For those riders who prefer to not wear a helmet, it can be placed in your shirt pocket or clipped to your collar. 

Boom Microphone

We offer a choice of two quality microphones with the Talki, a boom microphone and a throat microphone.  These have been chosen to ensure that excess wind and bike noise is not picked up by the microphone and that your voice is clearly transmitted to your riding partner.  One of each is included when the Throat Microphonepurchase the Talki.  Additional boom or throat microphones can be purchased separately.

Note:  We have tested both microphones and found that while both are excellent, there is a great deal of personal preference involved in choosing the correct option.  Due to a given individuals anatomy and overall neck size, the Throat Microphone may not be able to deliver the clarity of the Boom Microphone  Conversely, for many riders, the Throat Mic. will be the superior solution, as it bocks out all road, bike and wind noise. 

Key Benefits

What's IncludedItems included with the Talki


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