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The Ranger is a wireless accessory for your Apple iPod that enables Stereo Audio to be streamed wirelessly to the stereo of your choice .  The Ranger is a product with two parts, a Transmitter (Xmtr) and a Receiver (Rcvr).  The transmission is digitally encoded, which means that audio is faithfully reproduced in CD quality on your stereo.  Additionally, the Ranger is compatible with any audio source having an aux. audio in, i.e. car, boat, office, home, boom box or computer.

The Ranger attaches to the bottom or your iPod, transforming it into a remote control for your stereo.  Now any manually operated stereo can be remotely controlled (volume and song selection) with the Ranger.  And to top it off, there is nothing new to learn.  To play your music all you need to know is how to use your iPod.

Key Benefits

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