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A full-duplex wireless intercom for motorcycle riders and other applications.
Talki pic
A CD quality stereo wireless adapter for iPod players that turns the MP3 player into a remote control for car or home stereos.
Ranger pic
An XM Satellite Radio embedded in the left-hand mirror of a Motorcycle with a stereo wireless headset.
iMir in Mirror
         The Willow Wheel

A new wheel technology Designed and Developed by Willow Street Design.  This design is a whole new approach for Hubless wheels, which are also referred to as centerless wheels.  It certainly has a revolutionary look, but there are dramatic performance improvements enabled via this type of wheel.
Hubless Wheel by WSD
Willow Street Design

Willow Street Design has been developing the following products that eventually will be marketed and manufactured for sale and distribution to consumers.
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