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Proudly serving Katy, Texas and the Greater Houston Metro area since 2006.
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Custom Computer
Mechanical Design

-Creation of Detail and Assembly Drawings, or Modification of Existing Drawings,
-Creation of  3D CAD Models from sketches, drawings or discussions,
-All CAD work performed in either AutoCad or SolidWorks.

-Sheet Metal parts:
-Sheetmetal parts of all kinds, for all sorts of applications (punched, bent, stamped), for all kinds of purposes (conductors, tensile straps, hinges),
-EMI/RF shielded Enclosures and Packaging for Electronics (PCBs and electrical components) and Mechanical Assemblies

-Machine Part Design
-Any and all parts fabricated with Mill, Lathe, Chemical Machining and EDM machines,
-Micro-Machining down to .005" diameter holes, holding
  tolerances to +/-.00005in, aka "50 millionths of an inch"

-Mechanism Design:
-Multi-Axis Robots and Assemblies requiring Complex Motions and Operations,
-Electric, Hydraulic and Pneumatic powered Devices and Mechanisms.

-Piping, Plumbing and Storage:
-Storage and Conveyance of Gases and Liquids, ranging from Potable to highly Corrosive and Toxic, applications from micro-pure to macro volumes

-Machine Frames, Complex Structure Geometries, Vacuum-tight chambers, Structural Analysis,
-Project Management including Sourcing of Steel, Benders/Rollers, Welders and Finishers,

-Vacuum Chambers and Systems:
-Reduced Atmosphere (600-740Torr) to Ultra-Low Vac (10-12 Torr),
-Full System Design, including: pumps, gauges, instrumentation and analysis component selection.
FEA Image
Existing Parts/Assemblies or New Designs,

-Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and Thermal Analysis,

-Primarily focusing in Fast-Turn Engineering Consulting and Rapid Prototyping.
Over 20 years of engineering experience in Design & Development of Electro-Mechanical Systems and related devices. 

Proudly serving the following industries:
-Aerospace, Automotive, Biomedical, Construction & Facilities, Defense, Flat Panel Display, Consumer Electronics, Oil & Gas, Semiconductor and more.

The following Engineering Services are available on a Time & Materials (T&M) or Project basis.  Request a Quote!

Engineering, Design & Analysis of Parts, Assemblies and Systems

Radiant Floor Install

-Concrete Foundations: Loading Calculations and Design, Steel Sizing and Selection, Concrete Beam and Pad Design,

-Structural Design:  Commercial or Residential construction, Steel or Wood framing,
-Remodeling, Rebuilding,
-Deck Design,
-Electrical Design/Installation:  AC power control and distribution, commercial and residential, main service to wiring to light switches
-Mechanical Design: Water Supply and Drain Systems.
Fan Control
Electrical Design

-AC power circuit design and component selection,
-DC control circuit design, PCB design/fabrication/assembly,
-System Design: ranging from overall architecture to purchase part selections,
-Grounding and RF shielding design/troubleshooting.
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